Handcrafted soaps
of distinction
Inspired by nature













When we first started crafting Sabão soaps, it was as gifts for friends who wanted the same soaps that were in Stacy’s house. She had been making her own soaps for many years, because she wanted something individual and special for her bathroom.

Stacy has been traveling to Brazil for over 20 years, always collecting semi-precious stones and agates during trips there. The incredible colours, and details found in the stones were tantalizing and she has them on display in her home. She copied the stone designs for her bathroom in colours that changed as often as the shower curtain and towels.

She wanted a gentle formula for the soaps. Glycerin was chosen as the primary ingredient. Its clarity allows for a rainbow of colour, and glycerin based soaps are non-drying to the skin.

One of the first times Perikles was at her house, he used the soap in her bathroom and complimented it. He asked if she sold them, because he would like one for his home. This was not the first time friends had asked for her special soaps.

Perikles thought that if our friends liked them so much, other people would too, so we decided to participate in a local crafts market around Christmas in 2008. The soaps were so colourful and the scents filled the market, everyone stopped to look at them and smell them. We were pleased that there were none left to sell at the end of the first day!! Sabão soaps are special, handcrafted, one-of-a-kind, and they make wonderful gifts.

Our focus on agates, semi-precious stones and crystals make for a lovely visual presentation, but our scents are also quite special and many are most unusual. We use only essential oils and love combining the different flowers and woods oils to make unique fragrances that will fill the bathroom and leave you deliciously scented.